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I just wanted you to know that my 1987 model, single opening brass door, I can’t remember the model name, is still going strong. This stove has been a lifesaver through some terrible ice storms here in southwest Oklahoma. Our winters here can be really tough, but this stove has heated my house without failing at all! I love this stove and I believe it will outlast me! You have a great product, built to last.

TLC in Oklahoma
Hello Lopi! Thank you! We bought a Cape Cod back in 2014, and a Rockport in 2021, and after trying many other stoves before and in between these two which I sold at a loss and didn’t care because our two Lopi’s are incredible, we would never go back to anything else. Despite 15 face cords through the Cape Cod each winter, the catalytic is burning bright and strong. Both stoves are running this winter in Eastern Ontario 1850 log house on 20 acres
Andre G.

    We purchased our Lopi Cape Cod insert in late November for its efficiency, looks, and being made in USA.  It is the best wood burner we've ever owned.  We've had two Vermont Castings and a Hitzer furnace, so we know a little about heating with wood.  It is absolutely gorgeous in our native stone fireplace, but aesthetics is more want than need.  What has surprised us is the ease of starting a fire and incredible heat output.  We love that it takes longer pieces of wood than most inserts and its capacity allows for a sufficient load to last almost all night, with plenty of coals left to easily start the next morning.  There is no smoke and very little ash (in comparison to our other stoves), which speaks to its efficiency.  We didn't expect it to heat our whole house, which is saving on oil use.  We're thrilled it's made in USA-  who says our country doesn't know how to manufacture quality products anymore?!   We tell anyone looking for a wood burning unit to seriously consider Lopi.   

- Marybeth B.

“We very rarely write to a company about their product, but we had to let you know how impressed we are with our stove.


We purchased a Cape Cod stove from The Fireplace Place (Stockbridge, GA) because of its large window, high EPA efficiency rating, beautiful appearance, and GreenStart option.  However, we were skeptical that it would deliver on its promises since advertising rarely matches reality.

To our surprise and pleasure, the Cape Cod exceeded its advertising and our expectations. It is an amazing stove!

The GreenStart is awesome. It lights the wood so quickly and efficiently. We love that it only takes the push of a button to start a fire. No more stacking logs just so, making sure there's enough kindling, moving the logs around to get the best airflow, etc.

We also love how efficient the stove is. The logs burn and burn and are consumed thoroughly leaving much less ash than in the traditional fireplaces and stoves in our previous homes. It easily heats our house even though it's an A-frame with a partially open ceiling to a loft.  The logs last a long time without any tending from us.

And the looks - what a beautiful stove! We were debating between a fireplace or a stove, but when we saw the extra large window on the Cape Cod, we picked the stove. Also, its exterior design is stunning. It is truly a piece of art. As you can see from the attached picture, it looks gorgeous in our house.

We are ecstatic that we choose the Cape Cod and the GreenStart! Rarely can we say we have no disappointments with a purchase that promises so much, but we have none with the Cape Cod.

Also, the installation by The Fireplace Place was exceptional. The crews for the stove and hearth were professional, friendly, and skilled craftsmen. The picture shows their excellent work.”

- Bonnie

I built a family room extension to my home over 30 years ago, and bought your elan wood burner free standing porcelain finished with brass accent base and top grill, this was featured on a home magazine cover. I can't say enough about how much we love it and use it each winter to add additional heat on our cold Wisconsin winters.  Today my wife and I sitting and waiting for a furnace repair technician, but we are as snug as a bug in a rug, because we have our trustworthy elan.  
Some day soon,I hope to help my son build his new home, and I'd like to give him the best wood burner...

- G. B.

Thanks for making such a great stove only have had it a short time but has been great so far

Happy Facebook Friend

This Lopi Evergreen wood stove has been running all day with excellent performance. I just put a few more logs into it for the night and even shut off the terrific fan to see how it will perform all night. All I’m hoping for is to wake up in the morning and there will still be a bed of coals so I can add more wood to establish another roaring fire without having to baby it. It’s a great stove for sure!

Happy Facebook Friend

We love our Evergreen!

Happy Facebook Friend
The Cape Cod keeps us nice and warm!!
Happy Facebook Friend

We love our Revere, and so does the little dog!

Happy Facebook Friend


The “us” is Travis Industries, the largest, privately-owned wood, pellet and gas stove, insert and fireplace company in America and encompasses four high-quality brands: Lopi™, Fireplace Xtrordinair™, DaVinci Custom Fireplaces™ and Fire Garden™. These brands are available exclusively from a network of more than 1,200 authorized retailers throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and China. All our products are manufactured in the United States within an 11-acre, Mukilteo, Washington  facility called the House of Fire, employing up to 600 employees just thirty minutes north of Seattle.

We’re Devoted.
To each other. What started more than 40 years ago as one wanna-be rock musician with a day job selling woodstoves is now a company of more than 600 people who all share deep-seated passion for fire. Some of our core employees, in fact, have spent their entire adult lives with us perfecting their crafts. Here’s proof. To our dealers. And they’re equally devoted to us. In fact, some of our dealers have partnered with Travis – and only Travis – for nearly 40 years. We think that speaks volumes about the quality of our products and our people. To our customers. Styles change. Tastes differ. Different spaces call for different solutions. At Travis, we offer many different options to personalize your fireplace or insert to make it your own, unique to your taste and needs.

We’re Driven.

“Rediscover fire” isn’t just an invitation to our customers. We take it as a personal challenge – to push our industry in new directions, continually innovating more beautiful, cost-effective, and inspiring ways to integrate fire into everyday living. We’re apparently doing a great job given all the recognition we’ve gotten from people in the know.

And We LOVE To Talk Fire.

Come visit the House of Fire, our 11-acre campus in Mukilteo, Washington. We promise, the tour’s not all about our state-of-the-art machinery or the fact that we’re die-hard steel recyclers (although we do find all that stuff fascinating). It’s entertaining, it’s inspiring, and it will truly open your eyes to exactly what makes our company and our products so unique.

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