Travis Industries


April 6, 2020

Travis Industries will remain closed at this time, management will meet again early next week to assess and update you with our status.  For unemployment purposes the week of April 5 you are still in layoff “standby” status with Travis Industries.  As of this time we do not have a projected start-up date for production to resume.  Please understand that when we do start back up, it will be in waves of necessary employees dictated by production needs at that time, we will not bring all employees back at the same time and are doing our best to make the best decisions possible (balancing safety with customer needs).  When you are called back to work be aware that there are multiple factory changes necessary to support the safest work environment possible.  Here is a list of items to consider and understand for when you are called back:

  • You and your direct contacts must be healthy for you to return to work. If you are called back and this is not the case, you will need to contact the HR office directly.
  • Do some research on making some barrier masks- they could be required or mandatory to return and it also may be required that you provide your own.  Refer to this link for help: We do not have access to masks for everyone as they are all allocated to the Health Care Profession.  Now that the CDC is recommending masks for when you are out in public where social distancing of 6’ is compromised you may want to get set up with your own protective mask’s.
  • The House of Fire workplace has changed and new behavior will need to be practiced. 6’ foot social distancing as an example will have to be maintained at ALL TIMES and in ALL ACTIONS while on Travis Industries property.  We will give you more specifics on this issue when we update this site next week.

Lots of change/thought are going into finding ways to productively and safely return workers to the workplace.  Unfortunately, the time is not right now but we anticipate improvement in this area will be coming shortly but at this time have not assigned a date.  Please stay tuned to this website for updates.  We will post as soon as we have information to communicate further.

Thanks and hang in there, keep safe and healthy.


Employment Security video library

These videos will give you basic unemployment benefits information like:
Applying for unemployment benefits, submitting a weekly claim, appealing a benefits decision, and how to complete your job search log.
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March 26, 2020

Follow-up to managing the issues of PTO and applying for Unemployment Benefits

For those who do not have any healthcare benefits (medical or dental) :

No need to delay- get online today to start the process of applying for unemployment benefits.

  1. You can go online at 24 hours a day beginning Saturdays at midnight through 5:00pm on Friday’s to apply
  2. You can call 800-365-8969  Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm if you want to apply over the phone
  3. No PTO will be used even if you have some in your bank unless you notify your supervisor you want to use some to cover your missed time.

For those of you with healthcare benefits (medical and/or dental) :

  1. Unless we hear otherwise, we will automatically add the 5 – 6 days of PTO your timecard needs to fill the gap through April 1, 2020.   NO NEED TO NOTIFY SUPERVISORS, we got it.
  2. If you want unemployment benefits, apply starting April 2, 2020 following the procedures outlined above.
  3. If you have additional accrued hours and are wanting to use PTO past April 1, you need to notify your supervisor to add the additional PTO day onto your time card.

If you cannot get a hold of your supervisor, you can call Sara in payroll at 425.609.2629 with requests, but please try your supervisor first, that is the preferred method. 


FOLLOW-UP to 3/25/2020 Update

Dear Travis Employees:

As we navigate these uncharted waters together, I want to say I appreciate all the insight, questions and suggestions that many have brought forward.  There is a lot of information that is changing daily, hourly in some cases, and I know the concerns our employees have about their employment are all valid.

We do not have all the answers on how this will all play out yet, but I do have some direction for what is going to happen in the short run, how it is going to affect your employment status, what happens if you have health benefits, and how we are going to communicate changes.

As of 3pm today, March 25, 2020, Travis Industries, Inc. will be shutting the factory down to all non-essential personnel.  This will effect somewhere between 450-500 employees on all shifts.  Essential personnel will be assessed and notified if they are not part of this shut down.  The duration of this shut down will last a minimum of 2 weeks.  Further length of any closure will be assessed towards the end of the two weeks.


Having our employees not lose healthcare benefits on March 31, just a few days after the mandate to shelter in place, was the most important hurdle for us to figure out how to get over.  We knew if we could keep our workers working through April 1st , we could extend those benefits until April 30th. All employees losing benefits have an option of electing COBRA to continue benefits, but to cover yourself, the premium changes from $169.44/month to $691.32/month (COBRA cost for insurance).  Travis subsidizes over $250,000 every month towards individual insurance premiums.  Below is the best scenario we could come up with in order to sustain the 75% Travis Industries subsidy for your benefits the longest at this point with all the information that is currently available to us.

If you have health care benefits and want them to continue past March 31st here are the procedures you will need to follow: 

  1. If you have PTO available, it will have to be used to cover days off between now and  April 1, 2020.  For 1st and 3rd shift, this will be 5 days and for 2nd shift, this will be 6 days.
  2. If you do not have PTO or do not have enough PTO available to cover the gap, you will be allowed to go negative on PTO.  Up to 5 days for 1st and 3rd shift, 6 days for 2nd
  3. If you do not want to use your PTO, you do not have to, but your benefits will end March 31st, 2020.
  4. For those that have elected to maintain their healthcare benefits, on April 2, you can claim STANDBY through Employment Security Department (ESD).  This will trigger unemployment benefits from the state to help cover lost wages.

If you do not currently have healthcare or chose not to continue healthcare, or want to elect COBRA now, you can go to the ESD site and claim STANDBY effective 3/26/2020 (3/25/2020 for 2nd shift) to start the process of unemployment insurance.

The website for ESD is   and their phone number 800-318-6022.  You can apply for benefits online or over the phone.


For further updates and communications, it is best to check our website at .  There are a lot of moving and changing parts along with issues that have not been communicated to us yet by the state and federal government that might affect your benefits during this tough time.  If there is anything that needs to be communicated to you, it will done primarily through the website.  Keep checking it a few times a week.

PAYDATE Friday  3/27/2020

For the employees receiving a “live check” Friday, we will make those available for pick up in the HR office FRIDAY 9am-NOON only.  After noon, all remaining “live checks” will be put into the mail for delivery.  If you have direct deposit, we will hold on to those paystubs until we return to work.


Thanks for everyone’s time, patience and understanding.  We will get through this and figure it out together. Please know we are doing our best to protect and provide for our workforce to the best of our abilities.  Keep your social distances 24/7 until this nasty virus is conquered.

A quick story of victory- my oldest daughter is a registered nurse at a children’s hospital.  She found out last week that one of the nurses she works with had contracted COVID-19 and had been working directly with many other nurses, often touching and using the same equipment.  All the other nurses have been tested and came up negative.  My daughter says that is a loud testament for keeping things sanitized, wiped down and washing/sanitizing hands often.  Keep your guard up and stay safe and healthy.


Update for Wednesday March 25, 2020

As of 2:30pm March 25, 2020, Travis Industries is closing its factory to what is deemed as all non-essential operations for a minimum of 2 weeks.
This means no 1st, 2nd or 3rd shift  production effective as of 2:30pm today until further notice.

More information to follow, but an important note: we will be putting our employees on a standby status in order for them to facilitate applying for unemployment benefits, but if you have healthcare benefits and want them to continue past March 31, 2020, do not file for unemployment benefits yet.  Instructions as to what that means to those individuals is coming shortly.  If you do not have healthcare insurance, you may apply for STANDBY benefits starting today through the Employment Security Office (ESD) online at  or over the phone at 800-318-6022

PAYCHECKS– For those that are receiving a “live check” Friday, we will make those available for pick up in the HR office FRIDAY between 9am and NOON ONLY.  After those hours, all remaining LIVE CHECKS will be put in the mail for delivery.  If you have DIRECT DEPOSIT, we will hold on to those paystubs until we return to work.

Jerry McCadam
Direct Contact Line: 425-609.2562
Human Resource and Safety Director
Travis Industries, Inc.


Update 3/24/2020

To all Travis Industries employees,

I have confirmation from Senator Maria Cantwell’s office this afternoon that Travis Industries  Inc. qualifies as an essential business during this Stay at Home directive state wide in Washington. The fact that our core business is residential home heating appliances and the supply of components to service a national network that has installed over one million of our appliances in homes throughout  North America remains critical as winter still grips different parts of the nation.  Therefore we will continue to operate all shifts.

Please follow all the safety measure we have implemented and keep a safe six feet apart at all times.I will keep you informed if anything changes.

Kurt Rumens, President
Travis Industries, Inc.